We’ll make you look at communication in a brand new way. 

We call ourselves The Invisible Agency. We are communicators, developers and marketers with a passion for visual storytelling. When technology evolves we’ve always been there with it. It’s often a lonely place, being an early adopter. But now, with the advent of new platforms for VR and AR, we feel the time is right to bring this change of perspective to you, and to your customers. Because that is what VR and AR does best, it lets you see things in a whole new way, from a whole new perspective.


When we talk about VR, we are actually talking about a number of technologies – VR (Virtual Reality) in which you replace the environment around you with a simulated one. AR (Augumented Reality) adds an extra layer on top of the world around you. Finally, MR (Merged Reality) uses both of these technologies at the same time or switches between them. All of these technologies are sometime grouped into a concept known as XR (Extended Reality)

All of these technologies has had or are on the verge of a technological breakthrough and at the same time the development tools have been made much more powerful and accessible for development. Remember last year, when kids of all ages (some in their fifties) started congregating in strange places in parks, alleyways and corners, staring at their phone? They were playing Pokemon Go, the breakthrough AR experience which demonstrated the potential of adding a virtual layer on top of the real world.

Microsoft has long been the leader in Mixed Reality, creating worlds that are persistent and existing both in the virtual space and in the real world. Their headset, HoloLens, is not a consumer product, yet, but signs are that Microsoft are laying the groundwork for a future infrastructure of MR apps. One example is Minecraft Worlds, in which users can build Minecraft houses and structures in the real world for others to discover. US Startup Magic Leap is close on their heels, developing a dedicated headset for mixed reality on their own.

The first and last of these technologies, Virtual Reality, has been on the market and in development for the last 20 years at least. But the technology has not yet existed that can take VR into the mainstream. While it has been possible to create a fantastic virtual experience, this has necessitated expensive hardware and external sensors to use. And even though VR technology is now shipped with every new smartphone, low-cost alternatives built around smartphones have not had the quality needed to make a persuasive experience.

This all changed with the launch of the Oculus Quest. The Quest is the latest system in the Facebook-owned Oculus line. By using cameras and image recognition, it offers true room-scale VR without external sensors. The built-in hardware offers a graphical experience on par with what you could get on a PC just a year ago. And the price range finally puts it into the realm of a regular consumer.

The Invisible Agency was created because all of these factors open up the opportunity for a new use of VR. The quality and technology makes this platform a viable alternative for any company that needs to communicate with their customers, clients or employees. What is needed now is just the knowledge and experience to bridge the needs of the clients with the possibilities of the medium. And that’s where we come in.

Contact us and we’ll sit down and together find out how this medium could benefit and inspire you.