We believe in creating spaces in the Metaverse that has meaning.

The Invisible Agency consists of a group of creatives with more than two decades experience in creating worlds and spaces that fuel the imagination. We look at the coming worlds of immersive media, and believe we can help creating a better Metaverse. A Metaverse that is not just a dead space, but like the world around us, has history, details and are meaningful to spend time in. 

We focus on creating experiences that are artful, interesting, and visually captivating. We strive to think deeply about the implications of our work and to create experiences that bring life to the Metaverse. We design our spaces to evoke emotion and create a sense of exploration and discovery. We use our skills from the real world, from architecture to communication, to bring our creations to life. We believe that through thoughtful and intentional design, we can create experiences that will be remembered and shared.

Klas Holmlund and Jennie Persson worked together creating a visual storytelling tool, Plotagon, that inspired thousands around the world to create narratives. The worlds not only framed these stories, but also inspired them. This is the starting point of the Invisible Agency – that details matter. Inspiration matters.

If you want to create your own space in the Metaverse we can help you make it stand out. Contact us today!